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A Swedish DJ with over 30 year of experience!



A Swedish DJ with over 30 year of experience!

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This is DJ C-Driver

At an early age Rolf Johansson, DJ C-Driver, gained an interest in music while collecting LP's as a teenager. Not long after, he started mixing songs and DJ sets himself. 30 years later he's still at it. One could say he's  one of the most experienced DJ's in Sweden.

DJ C-Driver is back in his native Sweden after touring the world. He knows what the crowd is looking for, after having played at some of world's hottest and most popular clubs from Sweden to the USA. Most recently he's been seen as the official DJ for the Miss Universe Sweden pageant for the past couple of years, but is usually also to be found around Stockholm during the weekends.

DJ C-Driver is no stranger to corporate events having played for gym corporations, TV-networks and newspapers such as SATS, Kanal5, Baluba and Afton-bladet. Besides music DJ C-Driver is also working with video format.

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